Tissue Covers....

Lately, I've been working on these cute little tissue covers for a craft sale, and as gifts.  They are super fast and easy, and so festive looking.


A Baby Blanket.....

I made this blanket for a friend a little while back, who needed a gift for a baby shower.  I made it with  chocolate brown, lime green, bright blue, bright pink, and purple yarn.  It was about 36" square finished.

They yarn was so soft and felt really good on my hands while I was making it.

Have a wonderful day!


Christmas Stockings......

For this Christmas, I made everyone in my family new stockings to use.  In addition to these shown, I made a few more to hang on the railing of our stairs.  They look so festive!

This is the stocking that I made for my sister, Elisabeth.  She picked out the fabrics herself.  They make me think of the Victorian time period.  So delicate and pretty!

This is the stocking I made for my brother, Ethan.  He picked out the fabric for it.  He LOVES animals.

This is the stocking that I made for my Dad.  I think the little snowmen on it are too cute!

This is the stocking I made for my Mom.  The fabrics she picked out for this stocking also remind me of the Victorian era.

This is the stocking for my youngest brother, Ean.  He loves it!

And finally this is the one I made for myself.  I love the fabrics!

Have a great day!