Textbook Review from a Student's Perspective: "Exploring Economics" by Ray Notgrass

As a requirement for graduation, I had to complete a course in economics this past semester.  We chose "Exploring Economics" by Ray Notgrass.  I enjoyed it so much I decided to write about it.

"Exploring Economics" is designed to be a one semester course in high school.   A second book that goes with it, "The Stewardship of God's Riches," includes many essays and readings about economics that directly correspond to the specific lessons.

"Exploring Economics" started out by establishing a foundation of economics in Biblical history.  It covered the economic history of the United States, markets, money, trade, business, labor, government, economic issues, and ended with how we as Christian individuals can make a difference.  It even gave some insight for starting your own business.  Awesome!  It had a lot of information, and was not boring by any stretch of the imagination.  It included quotes at the beginning of every lesson, as well as Bible verses.  I was SO excited to see a quote from Andrew Murray (a favorite classic Christian author of mine), references to "In His Steps" by Charles Monroe Sheldon, and quotes from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life."  I loved that!  The readings in "The Stewardship of God's Riches" were very interesting too.  They were relevant and some were even inspiring.  To be honest,  I did not have high hopes for this textbook.  How could financial issues be interesting?  I was blown away.  I would definitely recommend "Exploring Economics" by Ray Notgrass to anyone.  I feel that I have come away with a strong understanding of how economies work, and that I can apply what I've learned to everyday life.  This textbook gets five stars and two thumbs up from me.

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Eliza LeBlanc said...

Wow, this was interesting, Emily! Especially since I'm working through Ray Notgrass's "Exploring Government" this year. He does lay things out very well, and makes it a lot more interesting than your typical textbook, which I was happy about :)