My Version Of A Snuggie

For Christmas I got a snuggie. But when I wore it, it kept trying to fall off. So I found a way to fix that...

Sew on snaps!!! I love sew on snaps. They can almost always fix things. This is my sister modeling it and it is a little big on her.

And this is what it looks like from the back. The snaps do line up, but it doesn't look like it on the picture. I should have worn it when we got 3 inches of snow and built a snowman!!!

By the way, this is my tenth post!!! And hopefully 10,000 more to come!!!


Valentines Day!!!

My brother, sister and I made some Valentine's Day crafts that our Aunt Missy sent us.

This is a lady bug bookmark. We can almost always use a bookmark since we read all the time.

These are some heart shaped magnets that we decorated. We can always use some cute magnets.

And we actually made this on Valentine's Day!!! When we woke up it was snowing, two hours later we made a snowman!!! There is nobody standing next to him but he's about four feet tall. Although he didn't have a face or scarf or anything. Poor snowman. But what a Valentine's Day surprise that was!!!

Have a gtreat day!!!


Snow Day!!!

This morning my brother came into the girls room yelling "it's snowing!!!" and woke us up.

And so when I got out of bed (finally) I saw that it had snowed a good inch!!! He was right!!! But that was just the beginning. It snowed HUGE snowflakes for about an hour after that. So this is what we ended up with. At least 3 inches of snow. I told Ean this morning that this was his 5th or 6th snow. (he is only 7 months old). It is not usual for it to snow where we live. And we still have that snow!!! All the schools are closed and some of the roads are closed. Where is the snow plow that is supposed to be plowing our road?


Pop-cicle Stick Reindeer

This morning I was looking through some old pictures and I found one of this reindeer that I made a while ago.

It is a couple of craft sticks glued together, some pieces of paper colored brown to look like antlers, ears, and a tuff of hair. Take the glued together craft sticks and glue the antlers, ears, and tuff of hair on top. Then draw on the eyes and the nose,(if you want it to look like ruldolph make the nose red) and the mouth. Sometimes I glue a piece of yarn onto the top of it to make a hanger. They are lots of fun.

Right now I am knitting a scarf. One is definetely needed here right now. It is cold!!!