"Complete in Him" a Poem by Elizabeth Prentiss

This is a beautiful poem I love by Elizabeth Prentiss.  Words of wisdom and power!

Complete in Him

Complete in Him! oh, Lord, I flee,
Laden with this great thought, to Thee,
With tears and smiles contending, cry,
Are words like these for such as I?

Complete in Him! No word of mine
Is needed, Lord, to perfect Thine;
Wise Master-Builder, let Thy hand
Fashion the fabric Thou hast planned.

Complete in Him! I nothing bring,
Am an imperfect, useless thing;
But human eyes shall joy to see
What God’s dear hand shall add to me.

Complete in Him! Oh, longed-for day,
When my poor, sinful heart can say,
Naught in myself, for ruin meet,
In Jesus Christ I stand complete.

~ Elizabeth Prentiss 


White and Pink Pillowcase Doll Dress

I tried something new, and put a contrasting band of fabric on the bottom of a pillowcase dress.  The band is completely encased with no raw edges (all credit to mom there).  A ribbon runs through the top of the dress and ties on one side.  It's always fun trying new things!


Doll Shirt

I recently made this doll shirt from some favorite of fabric of mine.  I used Pixie Faire's California Cami pattern -  one of my all-time favorites!


Orange Sundress

I have a new favorite doll dress design!  I think this dress is so adorable!  It's the Colorblock Dress by Heritage Doll Fashions.  I will definitely make more of these!


Khaki Doll Pants

My dolls are enjoying their new pair of khaki pants.  They go with everything!  I used Pixie Faire's Jeans pattern.  I love how detailed they are, and think all of the working pockets are so cute!